Sorting Arm Robot RC3-15/RC4-15


Sorting Arm Robot RC3-15/RC4-15 Specification
  Robot model   RC3-15   RC4-15
  Function   Sorting and handling   Sorting , Packing
  Total axis   3   3+1
  load capacity   8kg   8kg
  Position repeat accuracy   X Y Z   ±0.1 mm   ±0.1 mm
  R   /   ±0.1°
  Rotate axis   /   ±360
  Standard cycle time   220 /min   220 /min
  Moment of inertia   /   0.01 kg·m2
  Max moment of inertia   /   0.025 kg·m2
  Installation method   Suspended   Suspended
  Robot weight   93kg   95kg
  Voltage   AC 380V   AC 380V
  Power consumption   5.5kw   6kw
  Installation   Temperature   0~+45℃   0~+45℃
  environment   Humidity   20~80%RH   20~80%RH
  IP Grad   IP54   IP54

2D Picture

Sorting Arm Robot RC3-15/RC4-15 2D Picture :
RC3-15 2D Picture

RC4-15 2D Picture