Six axis Arm Robot R6-0609/R6-1014

The GR300S is an automated desktop type dispensing robot with a variety of dispensing valve and material feeding system to meet different material dispensing requirement.


Six axis Arm Robot R6-0609/R6-1014 Specification
  Robot model   R6-0609   R6-1014
  Function   Material handling
3C Product
  Material handling
3C Product
  Total axis   6   6
  load capacity   6kg   10kg
  Position repeat accuracy   ±0.03mm   ±0.08mm
  Max speed   axis1   337.5°/sec   170°/sec
  axis2   270°/sec   110°/sec
  axis3   375°/sec   240°/sec
  axis4   300°/sec   300°/sec
  axis5   375°/sec   300°/sec
  axis6   468°/sec   375°/sec
  Range of motion of each axis   axis1   ±170°   ±170°
  axis2   +100°/-135°   +70°/-150°
  axis3   +110°/-155°   +150°/-90°
  axis4   ±170°   ±170°
  axis5   ±120°   ±120°
  axis6   ±360°   ±360°
  Installation parameters   Floor mounted   Floor mounted
  Robot weight   60Kg   190Kg
  Power consumption   2.2kw   4kw
  Maximum wingspan   915mm   1450mm
  Working temperature   0~+45℃   0~+45℃
  Working humidity   20~80%RH   20~80%RH
  IP Grade   IP54/IP65   IP44

2D Picture

Six axis Arm Robot R6-0609/R6-1014 2D Picture :

R6-0609 2D Picture

R6-1014 2D Picture