Robot used on assembly line400X400

Robot used on assembly line

Robotic machine made by our robot

R4-0506 used on assembly line.Fully automatic loading, automatic assembly, automatic unloading and receiving. Great cost savings.


  Machine dimensions:

  Introduction to overall equipment layout:

  Introduction of material rod loading:

Description of the loading section of the material rod: The material rod is fed through a dual-channel vibrating plate, so that all of them are supplied to the reclaiming port in the direction of the large head upwards, and then removed by the rod removal mechanism and placed in the rod loading station to complete the product rod loading (the double rod removal mechanism The head gripper takes 2 rods at a time and puts them into the 2 nests corresponding to the rod loading station)

  Material cover assembly introduction:

Material cover assembly instructions: The loaded material bar is rotated from the turntable to the capping station, and the material cover is also fed through the dual-channel vibrating plate, so that all of it is supplied to the feeding port in a uniform direction, and then removed by the capping mechanism and assembled to the material bar. To complete the product capping (the capping mechanism also uses a double-headed gripper to remove 2 caps at a time for assembly)

  Unloading and storage instructions:

Unloading and storage instructions: The flexible gripper has a special airbag structure, which produces different actions as the pneumatic controller inputs different Kia. When the positive pressure is input, the gripper will adapt to the physical signs of the object, and it will grip tightly to complete the grasping action. When the negative pressure is input, the gripper will open and release the object.