LED board automatic assembly robot-400X400

LED board automatic assembly robot

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Full-automatic LED assembly scheme with R4-0506 Arm robot, fully automatic stripping cable, inserting cable, dispensing, cable management, set of aluminum cup, crimping wire, aluminum cup, automatic cutting. Fully automated, one machine with multiple functions.


  Machine dimensions:

  Introduction to overall equipment layout:

  Insertion cable station description:

Insertion cable station description:
After the light-emitting board is manually loaded, the turntable is rotated to the cable insertion station, and the cable insertion mechanism takes the stripped power cord from the feeding port of the automatic stripper and moves it to the insertion station to insert the cable.

  Dispensing station introduction:

Dispensing station description: The light-emitting board with the two wires inserted is rotated to the dispensing station with the turntable. The jacking mechanism below the station rises the ejector pin above and presses out the light-emitting board (prevents the product from shifting during dispensing). Start dispensing, and then dispense the two lines through two dispensing stations in turn.

Cable management station description: The finished product is moved to the cable management station. Similarly, the jacking cylinder at the bottom raises the ejector pin at the top and presses down. The cable management clamp is lowered and clamps the two wires, and then lifts up vertically to lift the two power cables. Separate and straighten to load the aluminum cup.

  Description of aluminum cup feeding station:

Description of aluminum cup feeding station: The loading robot is equipped with a camera that can move with the robot. After the robot picks up the aluminum cup, first rotate the aluminum cup below the camera to take pictures to identify the holes on the aluminum cup, then remove the aluminum cup and move the camera to the feeding Take a photo above the station to identify the position of the 2 wires, and finally place the aluminum cup into the feeding station according to the corresponding position to complete the feeding of the aluminum cup.

  Crimping station description:

Crimping station description:
After the aluminum cup is finished feeding, it moves to the crimping station. The crimping mechanism is extended and clamps the boss on the aluminum cup and the outer side of the wire. tight.

  Description of aluminum cup feeding station:

Description of aluminum cup station: After the product reaches the aluminum cup station, the fixture is pressed down to fasten the aluminum cup and the light-emitting board together. (The product positioning jigs on the turntable are equipped with springs. When the jig is pressed down, the spring shrinks and the aluminum cup moves downwards. The light-emitting board does not move, and the two are buckled together.)

Unloading station description: The compacted aluminum cup reaches the blanking station, and the blanking mechanism grips the product and transfers it to the conveying line to complete the unloading