Automatic wear O-ring lock screw robot 123

Automatic wear O-ring lock screw robot

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Automatic wear O-ring lock screw machine adopt six arm robot R6-0609.Efficient fully automatic O-ring lock screw integrated machine.Efficient fully automatic O-ring lock screw integrated machine. Save labor costs, high product yield.


  Machine dimensions:

  Introduction to overall equipment layout:

  Introduction to the process of lock screws:

  Screw feeder introduction:

Screw feeder instructions: After the screws are arranged in a unified direction through the vibrating plate and supplied to the screw sucking place, the vibrating plate stops feeding, the guide positioning cylinder retracts, the robot drives the intelligent electric batch to remove the screws, the guide positioning cylinder extends, and the vibrating disk starts to continue feeding .

  O-ring feeding instructions:

O-ring feeding instructions: After the O-ring is supplied to the specified position by the vibrating plate, it is pushed into the slot of the O-ring mechanism by the pushing cylinder, and the O-ring is pressed down to the needle of the transfer mechanism. After the O-rings are removed, the transfer mechanism is removed to transfer the O-rings to the screws.

  Lock screw station description:

Lock screw station description: After the four O-rings are passed through the transfer mechanism to the designated position, the robot drives the screws that are attracted by the electric batch to the threaded pins. The push block on the transfer mechanism is pushed up to push all the O-rings onto the screws. The robot Drive the electric screwdriver to lock the screw on the plastic rod.