Arm Robot Screw machine400X400

Arm Robot Screw machine

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Robotic machine made by our robot

R4-0304 Arm robot used on the screw machine.Machine use two pcs of Arm robot on the assembly line, has high efficiency and high yield. The machine uses CCD positioning. Accurate positioning.


  Machine dimensions:

  Introduction to overall equipment layout:

Remarks: After the lamp plate flows to the designated position on the belt line, the blocking mechanism descends to block the lamp plate, the positioning mechanism extends to position the product in the middle of the belt line, the pressing cylinder on the positioning mechanism presses the product, the robot sucks the screw, the camera takes the picture, and the robot Lock the screws. After all the screws are locked, the compressed air cylinder and the blocking mechanism are loosened, and the lamp plate flows away. (2 pcs Arm Robots)

  Introduction to the process and efficiency of equipment lock screws:

1、Average efficiency

a) Time required to lock 1 screw: 1.75S (double station)

b) Time required to lock one lamp panel: 1.75S * 14pcs + 2 = 26.5S (dual station)

c) Capacity per hour: 135PCS2、Defective rate of lock 1 ‰

2、Compatible specifications of the lamp panel
300*300mm 300*600mm 600*600mm

  Multi-specification compatible introduction:

Multi-specification compatibility instructions: When the 600mm lamp panel is locked, the positioning mechanism is retracted; when the 300mm lamp panel is locked, the positioning mechanism is extended to position the lamp panel in the middle of the belt line.

  Introductionof Lock Screw Robot:

Screw machine feeder module description: Move the screw feeder through the motor control, so that the robot can get the screws closer, which improves the production efficiency