Armyth Robot

4 axis arm robot R4-0506 application on labeling machine

Labeling machine parameters

Inserting machine parameters
  Machine Model   ALM-1
  Robot model used on the machine   R4-0506
  Camera number(pcs)   2( One is used to correct the position of the PCB, and the other is used to correct the position of the Label)
  Working speed(pcs/s)   1.5-3.5
  Inserting Accuracy(mm)   ±0.05mm
  Product size   50*50-500*460
  Feeding way   vacuum
  Working head   1-6
  Transfer structure   Transfer structure
  Drive mode   Stepper drive
  Width Adjustment mode   Manual/Auto
  Feeding method   Label feeder
  Feeding quantity   6pcs
  Machine size   1200*850*1800mm

Introduction to internal parts of the machine