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The name Armyth is a combination of Arm and Myth. Our target is to make the most of friendly robotic system and robotic machines.  At year 2016, our team started using hundred of robots in various project designing, automation in electrical industries, LED manufacturing, automotive field and others.

The robots are also used for auto screwing, auto soldering, auto dispensing, and components insertion, pick and place job, etc. However, in the total process, the biggest hindrance we faced is the non-friendly robot system. This has made our 2nd stage of developing job quite time-costing. Since then, we decided to make our own robot system and robotic machines.

With that, the robot system will be much more user friendly, easy for programming and easy for the 2nd stage of developing. Meanwhile, we collect our experience with robot in order to make such robotic machines as standard module. But then the question that remains is how will you get the ROI?

At Armyth, our vision is to make good robot system and robotic machines which can liberate the human brain for more valuable work. This is how you will get the return of investment.

Why we are best?

Plenty of robot using experience

More than 1000 robot applicated by this team

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Global Developing team combination

Robot hardware made in China, enjoy good manufacturing cost Main controller developed by us & German team in past 3 years Software UI deveoped by us & India team

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We are not only providing robot itself, we provide standard & customized Robotic machine module. This machines are with lots of our exprience, quite matural solution. To automate your line, you don't have to start from ZERO.

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Global support ability.there are occasions when the times of the fall of that sort

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The best


To come up with the best robotic system, at Armyth, we have the perfectly skilled team who has adequate amount of experience to take care of this development. With our experts, we have introduced robotic systems and machines that can liberate the human brain for more valuable and diverse activities. It will also help you with services like auto screwing, auto soldering, auto dispensing, and components insertion, pick and place job, etc.

Malcolm Marshall

Director of the board

Stephen King

Director of the board

Michelle Conroy

Director of the board